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Siddanth Adiga

As a seasoned marketing professional with nearly 9.6 years of experience, I have honed my skills in end-to-end marketing through various roles, such as Head of Marketing and Senior Marketing Manager (Product). I am passionate about consulting and continuously strive to read, learn, grow, and enhance my expertise in the marketing domain.

With each unique client challenge, I acquire valuable experience and knowledge, enabling me to effectively address diverse marketing problem statements. I am dedicated to guiding you through the marketing landscape—providing insights on what to do, how to do marketing, offering innovative ideas for experimentation, and ensuring the most cost-efficient use of your marketing budget to maximize returns be it quality BOFO leads or engaged leads for your business.

Allow me to assist you in resolving your marketing dilemmas and elevating your business to unprecedented heights!


Whats’ your Marketing Problem Statement?

I understand that each organization has unique challenges and pain points. That’s why I take the time to thoroughly assess your Marketing problem, identify any misaligned gaps, bottlenecks, or fundamental difficulties that may be hindering your success.

By understanding your specific needs, I can develop tailored solutions that address your Marketing challenges head-on. My goal is to provide you with a personalized approach that ensures I am solving your problems and delivering measurable results. So why not get in touch with me and start achieving your Marketing goals today?


Built an awesome WOW product or a service but have doubts on how to market it?


Unsure of what Marketing Strategy to pursue to achieve your business objectives?

Business Growth Marketing

How do I grow my business in 2024? Build Traffic, Generate Leads & Get Happy Customers?

What areas can you Consult?

Inbound Marketing

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Digital Marketing

Product Marketing

Product Messaging

Marketing Campaigns

Go-to-Market Strategy

Marketing Plans

Marketing Strategy

Brand Positioning

Lead Generation


Funnel Building

Social Media Growth


Facebook Ads

Linkedin Ads

Google Ads

Twitter Ads

Instagram Ads

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