Hello, I'm Siddanth Adiga

I help Brands CEO's & Founders Startup Owners Entrepreneurs with No B.S Marketing Consulting & Growth

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Have a killer product or a service but have doubts on how to market it?

Unsure of a Marketing Strategy to achieve your business objectives?

Not sure whom to get your questions answered?

Well, that's where I come in. Let me help you with whatever I know!

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But, Why should I listen to you?

Who are you?

This is me – Siddanth Adiga, here to help you solve marketing dillemas & take your business to new heights!

I am an Electronics & Communication Engineer along with a MBA in Marketing.

I have more than 7.7 years in Marketing handling end to end marketing for the company’s I have worked previously, with roles as Head of Marketing or Senior Marketing Manager(Product). I am Ex-Zoho. Ex-JioHaptik. Ex-HackerEarth.

Certified by HubSpot Academy, SEMRUSH, Google for Analytics/Ads, Facebook Meta for Digital Marketing, Microsoft Bing Advertising & Twitter Ads.

Prior to Marketing, I worked as a Software Engineer for 3 years which makes a total of 10.7 years of IT Experience to guide you in the right way!

Also been a Tech Blogger, Gadget reviewer in the past!

I feel Consulting is my forte! I Read, Learn, Grow, Practice and upskill myself in the field of Marketing.

Every customer I have consulted has a unique problem statement and I have gained experience on that vertical thus giving me that experience & knowledge & a unique challenge to successfully solve people’s problems. 

Listen to me folks – I will take you by the hand and guide you with –  what to do, how to do, what can you experiment and how to spend your marketing budgets in the right & most cost efficient way to get more moolah flowing into your business!

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Inbound Marketing

Content Marketing

Social Media Marketing

Email Marketing

Digital Marketing

Product Marketing

Product Messaging

Marketing Campaigns

Go-to-Market Strategy

Marketing Plans

Marketing Strategy

Brand Positioning

Lead Generation


Funnel Building

Social Media Growth


Facebook Ads

LinkedIn Ads

Google Ads

Twitter Ads

Instagram Ads

P.S: I DO NOT Offer Reschedules. If You Do Not Show Up For The Call You Will NOT Be Able To Book Another. This Is Non Negotiable. If You Cannot Make The Time, please DO NOT BOOK THE CALL. Please respect Time.