Social Media Marketing Course

Strategies for Building Your Brand and Driving Sales through Social Media
Start Date
September 20, 2020
Beginner to Intermediate


In this comprehensive social media marketing course, you will learn the strategies, techniques, and best practices that have transformed businesses through the power of social media. This course I have designed for any brand who wants to uplift the brand and generate high-quality leads using social media marketing and get customers for your business. The course I have structured around things I have done from my experiences and the knowledge I have. Here you will be able to apply the principles and strategies to generate leads inbound. I cannot guranteee 5X or 7X or 10X results but for sure you will see a ton of leads if just follow , learn and apply learnings that is relevant for your industry.

In this Social Media Marketing course, I will teach you what is concepts, benefits, techniques, and how you can grow your business, make revenue, and generate high-quality qualified leads with the power of social media.

What to Expect:
Throughout the course, you will explore essential topics such as platform-specific marketing techniques, content creation and curation, audience engagement, analytics, and performance measurement. You will also learn how to handle potential crises, stay current with social media trends, and build a successful career in social media marketing. You will gain practical knowledge and skills that can be applied immediately to your own social media campaigns.

No prior knowledge is necessary. This course starts with the basics before diving into more advanced tips and strategies.

The main requirement is a willingness to commit to the process and put in the work. This course outlines the steps, but it’s up to you to take action and do what it takes to make it a success and apply what you have learnt.

Who’ll Learn


Business owners/CEO & Founders/Entrepreneurs


Digital marketers and Social Media managers


Marketing and Advertising Professionals


Freelancers and consultants


Students interested in Facebook Marketing


Lead/Demand Gen Professionals


Freelancer Lead/Demand Gen Professionals


Freelancer Revenue Generation Professionals

Course Structure

1.1: The role of social media marketing in the digital landscape
1.2: Overview of popular social media platforms
1.3: Social media marketing vs. traditional marketing

2.1: Setting clear objectives and goals for your social media efforts
2.2: Identifying your target audience and understanding their needs
2.3: Crafting a cohesive brand identity across social media platforms

3.1: Facebook: building engagement and leveraging advertising
3.2: Instagram: visual storytelling and influencer partnerships
3.3: Twitter: real-time updates and hashtag campaigns
3.4: LinkedIn: professional networking and thought leadership
3.5: Pinterest: creative content curation and driving website traffic
3.6: TikTok: short-form video content and viral challenges
3.7: Quora: social question-and-answer website and online knowledge market

4.1: Developing a content mix that resonates with your audience
4.2: Best practices for creating engaging, shareable content
4.3: Sourcing and curating high-quality content from external sources
4.4: Content scheduling and planning tools

5.1: Organic growth strategies: hashtags, collaborations, and engagement
5.2: Paid advertising options across different platforms
5.3: Utilizing influencers, brand advocates, and user-generated content
5.4: Cross-promoting your social media accounts

6.1: The importance of fostering a strong community
6.2: Encouraging audience participation and interaction
6.3: Handling negative comments and feedback gracefully
6.4: Social media customer service best practices

7.1: Key performance indicators (KPIs) for social media success
7.2: Social media analytics tools and platform-specific insights
7.3: Analyzing data to optimize your strategy and improve performance
7.4: Reporting your social media results to stakeholders

8.1: Identifying and mitigating potential risks on social media
8.2: Crafting a crisis management plan
8.3: Responding to crises effectively and maintaining brand reputation

9.1: Keeping up with platform updates and new features
9.2: Adapting your strategy to accommodate emerging trends
9.3: Exploring niche platforms and opportunities for early adoption

10.1: Developing essential skills and staying ahead of the curve
10.2: Building your personal brand as a social media marketer
10.3: Networking, continuous learning, and industry resources


Siddanth Adiga

A BE & MBA and a Techno-Marketing professional with more than 9.3 years of Marketing experience along with growth consulting & has experience working with companies like Zoho, HackerEarth, JioHaptik, and more. He has handled marketing for the companies he has worked with roles as Head of Marketing or Sr.Marketing Manager. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.


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