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Digital Marketing
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May 20, 2023
Beginner to Intermediate


This Course I have tried to impart as much knowledge I have gained into these videos so that to enhance your proficiency in digital marketing and growth hacking. This comprehensive course programme encompasses fundamental aspects of performance marketing, digital strategies, and tactics, such as search engine optimization (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, content marketing, social media marketing, and more.From developing a successful marketing strategy to tracking and optimizing results, this program will equip professionals with the skills and knowledge they need to succeed in the fast-growing world of performance marketing and growth.

In this Digital Marketing course, I will teach you and explain most of the concepts related to Digital Marketing. As I said, some of them might include what is digital marketing, digital marketing strategy, and discuss all the digital channels including SEO, PPC, Social Media, Analytics, Inbound, Content, Email etc.

I have structured this course around my real-world experiences and best practices, so you can apply what you learn to your own business.

Enroll now to start learning and take your digital marketing to the next level.

No prior knowledge is necessary. This course starts with the basics before diving into more advanced tips and strategies.

The main requirement is a willingness to commit to the process and put in the work. This course outlines the steps, but it’s up to you to take action and do what it takes to make it a success and apply what you have learnt.

Who’ll Learn


Marketing Professionals


Inbound Professionals


Content marketers




Lead Gen/Demand Professionals


Business Owners

Course Structure

1.1: What is Digital Marketing, Growth & Benefits of going Digital?
1.2: Traditional Marketing Vs Digital Marketing
1.3: 4Ps/7PS of Marketing
1.4: Why online presence is essential?

2.1: Benefits of having a Online Business Strategy
2.2: How to go online?
2.3: How to market your online presence?

3.1: Choosing best platform for web presence
3.2: How website works and how to tie to business goals?
3.3: Website Do’s & Don’ts

4.1: Customer behavior and purchase patterns
4.2: What are places where you customers might network?
4.3: How to differentiate yourself from competition?
4.4: Value Proposition and Messaging Concepts

5.1: What are Buyer personas?
5.2: Segmentation of these personas, why?
5.3: Digital Marketing Funnel: What is it and how is it used?
5.4: Customer journey Concepts

6.1: Ways to reach them through various media (paid, owned, earned)
6.2: Integrate offline with online channels and its impact on customer engagement

7.1: What is Content Marketing?
7.2: Choosing the right format for content
7.3: Content types
7.4: Promoting content
7.5: Measure success using content marketing

8.1: What is Email Marketing?
8.2: How to craft Great Emails?
8.3: Managing successful Email Marketing campaigns
8.4: Measuring sucess in Email marketing

9.1: Search Engine Basics
9.2: How search engine works?
9.3: How do search engines see the web?
9.4: Organic Search and Paid search definitions
9.5: Search console/ Webmaster Tools

10.1: What is Search Engine Optimization(SEO)?
10.2: Why is important?
10.3: Benefits
10.4: SEO Process
10.5: SEO Plan & Strategy
10.6: How to choose keywords that you want?
10.7: Realistic expectations and goals
10.8: How much time can I see SEO results?
10.9: How to make pages seo friendly?
10.10: Back linking

11.1: Intro to Search Engine Marketing (SEM)
11.2: Intro about paid ad campaigns
11.3: SEM Auction
11.4: What is a good keyword and how to get the most of keywords?
11.5: How to make your ads stand out?
11.6: Fine tune search campaigns

12.1: Local SEO
12.2: Local directories

13.1: Trends in PPC
13.2: The ecosystem for google ad campaigns, display and social media ads and email ads
13.3: Tools for SEM

14.1: What is Display Ads?
14.2: Search vs Display
14.3: Ad networks
14.4: SSP VS DSP
14.5: How retargeting works?
14.6: Programmatic Advertising
14.7: Ins and outs of Display Advertising

15.1: Email and social media marketing strategies and their execution
15.2: Build a social media marketing strategy leveraging social listening

16.1: Social Media Basics
16.2: What social sites to choose?
16.3: Goals for social
16.4: Social Media Plans & strategy
16.5: How to measure Success in Social Media?
16.6: How to avoid Social Media Pitfalls?

17.1: Understading mobile web and mobile apps
17.2: What are mobile apps?
17.3: Chatbots
17.4: Social experience via mobile

18.1: Search Campaigns on Mobile
18.2: Display Campaigns on Mobile
18.3: Social Campaigns on Mobile
18.4: Video for Mobile

19.1: Why Video and its rise?
19.2: How does video fit into online strategy?
19.3: Creation of videos that fit right into your budget
19.4: Share and promote your videos
19.5: Advertise on video sharing sites
19.6: Measurement of video performance

20.1: Key factors for campaign success
20.2: Analyze metrics of a campaign, what metrics are important
20.3: Key KPIs, branding or revenue oriented ones
20.4: Overview of tools that can help
20.5: Overview of techniques related to A/B testing and split testing
20.6: How to incorporate CLV measures in ROI analysis?

21.1: What is web analytics?
21.2: How do you integrate offline with online?
21.3: Optimising Campaigns using Data Analytics
21.4: Data strategies for marketing
21.5: Track specific goals with analytics
21.6: How to turn data and make actionable insights?

22.1: Defining target audience and audience persona, need identification
22.2: Identifying and profiling competitors based on different attributes
22.3: Content production and distribution through earned, owned, and paid media
22.4: Launching an effective digital marketing campaign and post-campaign analysis

23.1: Using e-commerce to sell
23.2: Taking payments and managing orders
23.3: Retargeting for e-commerce
23.4: Advertise across borders

24.1: New technologies and marketing transformations in digital environments
24.2: AI/ ML Tools like ChatGPT, Open AI
24.3: The impact of artificial intelligence on the future of marketing and consumer behavior


Siddanth Adiga

A BE & MBA and a Techno-Marketing professional with more than 9.3 years of Marketing experience along with growth consulting & has experience working with companies like Zoho, HackerEarth, JioHaptik, and more. He has handled marketing for the companies he has worked with roles as Head of Marketing or Sr.Marketing Manager. You can connect with him on LinkedIn.


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